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On Saturday, I took a brief hiatus from the full-out scraping festival. For months now, I’ve been eyeing the facade over the kitchen for a thorough going-over repair. I suspected that water was somehow managing to find its way in behind the siding; however, I wasn’t exactly sure why, where, or how. The siding was in really rough shape which I believed (and still do) had something to do with it. I made the decision that Friday was the day to do something about it once and for all.

I ripped off all the old siding and replaced it with new that I had gotten from the local big box store just this week. I’ve heard and read that you should prime the back side of siding and so I decided to give it a shot with this project. I bought the new lap siding for another project and for repairs in a couple other places but decided that I would allocate some of it for this new repair.

By the end of the day and after having moved my ladder about a million times, my knees and legs had had it. I was under the gun though because it was supposed to rain Saturday night (which it ultimately did not). Yesterday morning before we left for our pre-Memorial Day festivities, I quickly slapped up a coat of primer on the new siding for the many upcoming rains forecast for us in the next week. Doing so, I finished off my first gallon of primer. At this rate, this paint job is going to cost me a fortune… (sigh)

Why I didn’t take a before-shot is quite beyond my capacity to understand…