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I don’t know if anyone else is like this, but I get tired of doing the same thing over and over again during a project. As a result, I tend to wander from task to task in order to keep my mind working on something new occasionally. Today, I decided that I wanted to start putting on the top coat for the east gable trim (March Wind) and shingles (Rock Bottom).

The trim color looks almost exactly like I had in mind, except when I put it on the corbels and soffit; then it looked quite dark. Not a huge deal, but in my mind I pictured something a bit more off-white. Oh, well. I have three gallons of it now–gonna like it regardless.

It was the last day of Sherwin-Williams 30% off sale today so I bit the bullet and bought all of what I thought I would need. Oi! That hurt my wallet… But the paint I’m using goes on like a dream. I guess you get what you pay for when it comes to quality.

The photo doesn’t quite do the colors justice, but here it is nonetheless…