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…update. I’ve been working as best I can on painting, although the weather and a week-long trip to Groton, CT, to see my son at sub school interfered each in its own way. It was cold and wet for so long here but now it is in the 90s–more like mid-summer. I am not a hot weather person; if there’s anything I cannot stand it is sweating profusely. Not to mention the fact that I am very fair-skinned and burn in a heart beat. So I do the best that I can.

Progress has been slow, but steady. Small repair jobs and dealing with storm windows take their toll on my time, too.

Honestly, I don’t like the base color at all. On the S/W Color Visualization website it looks grey, but on the house it looks brown. Blech! I’m tempted to go into the store to see what one of their printed brochure’s interpretation of Night Owl is. If it looks grey, I think I might have to complain. What are the chances that I will get replacement gallons? (Not good, I would imagine.)

Some progress pics because I’m too tired to drone on any longer.