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Today was beautiful weather for painting and just being outside–in the 70s with a NW breeze and low humidity. It could be like this every day and I wouldn’t complain.

I was able to finish the SW corner of the house (sans around the compressor power cut-offs) and two-thirds of the walls on the porch. In addition, I finished repairing the siding around the upstairs bath window. Back in the 40s or so when they remodeled the house, they shortened the bedroom window and added the bathroom window. For some reason, when the carpenter put up the siding, he did a really poor job. For one thing, it was put on crookedly. Secondly, it was too close to the shingles so the clapboards deteriorated significantly. I replaced all of it and pulled it away from the shingles. Hopefully, that will be good enough for another seventy years or so.

Several times today, I’ve regretted my decision to trim the windows and doors the “hard” way–cutting in the base coat after painting the 5/4 trim. It looks nice, but it is a major pain to get it to look halfway decent as well as taking a lot of extra time. I really like the look, though. As for the Night Owl, at first I didn’t like it, but now it is growing on me.

Another beautiful day on tap for tomorrow, but several commitments will keep me away from accomplishing too much more this weekend.

Today’s progress: