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Yesterday morning while it was cool and shady, I scraped the lower gable on the east side of the house. This gable is part of the old summer kitchen that was converted into a garage (probably for a Model-T) ages ago. Then later, a lean-to was added to that. When I purchased the house, the lean-to was closed in by metal panels on the front with a metal door for access. I jerked all the metal off and now it’s open to the elements (and feral animals of all kinds). Its life span was always intended to be short-lived, but thirteen years later it is still standing.

This portion of my property is kind of like the seedy underside of all cities–it’s the part that everyone knows is there but generally doesn’t get talked about in polite company. With the publication of these photos today, I am exposing that darker side of my property for all the world to see.

The paint flew off the shingles with abandon after so many years of deferred maintenance. Several were in bad shape or were damaged when they added the porcelain cylinders for the old wiring. I still have to remove the last of the old wiring in the very peak and scrape it as well.

The dilemma now is what to do with the opening. At one time, it was a small window but the PO enlarged the opening and made it a “door”. This space is not livable nor is it conditioned; it’s merely a haven for dust and insects of all kind. I really want to do something with it some day because I want to salvage all the newspapers from the nineteen-teens in perfect shape under the linoleum on the floor. If I had my way, I would rebuild the whole thing as a new mud room entrance to the house with an upstairs laundry. Yeah, like that’s going to happen anytime soon… As for the door, I don’t think there’s any reason to make it a window at this point. But do I close it in or do I just maintain the status quo? I hate making these decisions!