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Repairing, scraping, priming, trimming, painting… Yup. That pretty much sums up the weekend thus far. And the weekend before, and before, and before… Well, heck, the last full two months. I’d estimate that I’m about 1/3 done with the whole job. (sigh)

I finally got the east side painted so that the Night Owl and Rock Bottom were near each other. I think it works as the gable is only slightly darker and as a result doesn’t make the house quite so top-heavy as I feared. Alas, I see now that I have one more bit of intensive trimming to do that I think will really make the gable pop. A last minute addition to the lineup, but I think it will be worth it. Stay tuned…

Last weekend, I removed about half of the plain 1×2 the PO had used to transition from the porch ceiling to the side walls with a shingle mould trim. It makes it look so much better. As for today, the window sashes on the east side and the large, cottage window from the dining room on the porch received their dark brown trimmings. I really like the looks of a dark sash. Just seems so… right, perhaps?

And just to distract myself and to provide a little less of a broken record post, I included photos of the hollyhocks that come up each year. I’m always amazed at the variety. The originals came from my grandmother and who knows how long she had grown them. Surely, they would be considered “heirloom” seeds by now.