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After a short-ish hiatus, it’s back to scraping. Boy howdy, how I hate this part of the job! Over the past couple of weeks, the weather turned decidely hotter which chased me into my recliner. In addition, my son came home for two weeks between graduation from Navy Sub School and reporting to his new home in the Pacific. With him home, all projects ceased in order to devote as much time as possible to visiting with him.

But now that he’s gone, I need to start on the house again since it is September and colder weather can’t be too far away. Now I’m working on the north side of the house scraping and repairing. Several of the diamond shingles and a couple smaller pieces of siding needed to be replaced. I hesitated for a bit but finally erred on the side of doing it right instead of doing it quickly. No wonder it’s taken all summer to get this far…