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Since the weather took a considerably cooler turn this weekend, it was time to repair the last of the corbels and soffit. I knew it would be ugly… Once I removed the 1/4″ plywood covering the rot, I found a giant hole where the soffit was rotted away–not altogether surprising. When I removed the corbel on the right, it disintegrated. The other remained whole, but the front 1/4 or so of it was simply gone. Once I cut the rotten soffit out, I discovered that the 2×6 that runs diagonally was probably missing about two or three inches of its original length.

When I cut out the soffit, all manner of garbage came falling out–nasty, scratchy blown-in insulation; wood pieces; dirt; old bird nests; you name it. Why, oh why did I start this again?

It took all day to repair the diagonal 2×6 and sister on new 2x6s to the remaining joists along with replacing the soffit and the last of the corbels that I made back in March. My knees were in full out revolt after having gone up and down that stupid ladder about one hundred times (or so it seemed).

Now that the primer coat is on, I just need to wait for a less damp day to put on the top coat. Two months ago, I ordered new gutter and downspout for this side (They said 5 – 6 weeks. Uh, huh.) so before they come to install that, assuming that they do, I will repair the facia that is similarly rotten in the corner. That should be only slightly less burdensome to my poor, old bones.