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I’m way overdue for a post, so now seems like as good a time as any. I’ve not been resting on my laurels, so to speak. Last week on Wednesday evening, the gutter people called me and asked if they could come out the next day. “Uh, no…..” I was going to replace the facia on the southwest corner where the corbels were replaced. I also wanted to scrape and paint the old trim under the gutter on the north side. So I asked if they could come this week instead, to which they agreed. Of course they didn’t show. Oh, well…

Three weekends ago, I did some painting on the second story over the porch. I also replaced flashing and some other minor repairs.

I spent all last weekend taking down guttering, repairing, scraping, priming and painting the trim in preparation for the new guttering. Instead of just repairing the corner with new facia, I replaced nearly all of it with PVC trim. I just DARE it to rot now! By the time I was done on Sunday evening my old knees hurt SO bad I almost couldn’t walk. Old age is no fun.

So far this weekend, I’ve finished scraping all of the second story above the porch. Tomorrow is priming and Sunday is painting. The weather has taken a turn for the colder so I’m under the gun to get as much done as possible before it gets really cold. I never would have guessed that it would take over one year to paint this dump. (sigh)