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Usually after Christmas is over, I start to get itchy to begin anew. I don’t make resolutions, per se, but I do begin to daydream about all the possible projects for the upcoming year. Never being one to finish an on-going project before starting a new one, I embarked upon my next small project. I like to work on stained glass during the winter because I can’t work outside but the basement is always warmish and inviting (if you like spiders, anyway).

A couple of years ago, I bought an Aesthetic door from a salvage yard for $30. I only bought it for the etched and colored (purple, green, and amber) glass in the hope that I would use them for a project. Yesterday, I did the unthinkable and butchered the door to remove all the glass. I did find myself grimacing several times as I ripped and tore the old door apart. It really was a shame–the joinery is typical mortise and tenon but it’s not pinned together with nails but rather square pegs. (sigh) In the image of the lower half of the door, some of the pins are visible. I’m hoping to salvage the lumber and panels for some unknown, future project. But for now, it gave its life for a stained glass project.

I have two projects that I intend to complete–one upstairs in the sitting area and another for a “new” (salvaged) window planned for the living room. Unfortunately, the new window is too small for the etched panel (it fits, but the borders that remain to be filled are nowhere near the same). As a result, it will be relegated to the upstairs project.

Now to design both windows and get them going. I really hate this part; I’m not a designer.