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Since it was 70 degrees his weekend, I started cleaning up and prepping the new, old window for the living room redo. This window came out of a house that had been abandoned for decades, but is in nearly perfect shape because it was protected under a porch. All it really needed was to have the old paint removed and the interior stripped of the varnish and insect droppings. I’m used to sashes being built out of white pine but these appear to be Douglas Fir or some other harder pine. Using the steel wool to remove the stripper released a sweet smell from the sap. The downside is that the wood is easily splintered–my thumb can attest to having been impaled (almost literally) upon a long splinter while removing the stripper.

This window is destined to become a stained glass window. The design is still in-progress but it’s getting closer. The long, narrow cottage window was simpler to design because the bevels dictated the layout. These two panels, while they do incorporate bevels, are less “influenced” by them; in other words, the bevels are a smaller part of the overall design.