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I’ve not been good about posting progress at The Pile lately. Can one be passive-aggressive with oneself? (shug) My wife says that May is one of the busiest months and I am inclined to agree with her. Between end-of-school stuff, work, holidays, etc., I’ve not had a lot of time to actually do much house stuff. But I have been fortunate to find some time to squeeze into the schedule to get more things done. At any rate, I’ve put the stained glass project on hold for the time being in order to get back to work painting while it is still relatively cool. I managed to scrape, repair, prime and paint a decent portion of the north side of the house.

The siding to the left of my daughter’s bedroom was REALLY bad, so I tore a bunch of it off and replaced it. The decorative shingles on the northeast corner of her bedroom were starting to separate at the corner for some reason, so I tore them off, did some repair work, and put them all back. In addition, I replaced a number of pieces of siding on the north side. While I was at it, I upgraded the three storm windows to Larsen Gold Series, although they have not come in yet. The old storms were so cheap and miserable, they were causing damage to the sill because of the water that wasn’t draining properly. They are the only storms on the house that are behaving that way, but I needed an excuse to nuke the old ones so I ran with it.

My power tool arsenal increased over the weekend as well after I picked up a Wagner Flexio 590 to do the vinyl siding priming and painting. I knew that I would never be able to cover all the nooks and crannies of the white vinyl with the dark paint without a sprayer. I haven’t used a power sprayer for about 20 years, but it’s kinda like riding a bicycle. I was able to do all the vinyl in about 45 minutes, considerably less time than by brush. The Wagner does a pretty good job of spray control without it flying all over the place. Definitely worth the investment. I’ll still use a brush for all of the wood surfaces, although I have given thought to using the sprayer on the north gable shingles top coat…..