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I’ve not been making the time to post the work I’ve been doing lately. Not sure why, honestly… It is what it is. So here’s a late update.

The summer’s version of the “polar vortex” emboldened me to take a couple of vacation days to get caught up with the painting project. The north side of the house was kind of an out-of-sight-out-of-mind kinda thing until I was forced to cut down the largest of my two remaining Bradford pear trees in the side yard. Now all of that crud and corruption is visible to all. It took all day Tuesday to finish scraping; I always forget to account for that in my mental timeline of events. Tuesday evening, I was ready to start priming when I realized that the threshold of the pair of French doors in the dining room was still just as bad (although only slightly worse) than when we moved in almost 14 years ago. I knew that repairing would mean disturbing a number of things. Painting it all now would be a wast of time when the future repair was undertaken. As a result, it was included in the schedule.

I figured, how hard can it be? It’s so rotten anyway. Famous last words… I didn’t want to tear the whole thing out because of how difficult it would be repair it inside the house proper, so I opted to use my sonic cutter-thingy to cut it back several inches. Once that was done, I figured I could just jerk it out of there. Wrong! Shortly after we moved in, we had the basement wall repaired in that area. The guys who did the work, bless their hearts, put in over a dozen nails from the new sill into the threshold. It took the better part of an hour to worry all of that out of there. Then, once I got it all out, I realized that the threshold was a full-dimensional 2×8 piece of oak. What a shame!

The replacement treated pine piece is actually a bit wider than the old, but the basement wall isn’t exactly parallel to the framing so having it a little long covers that sin a bit. Now with some paint, this side of the house will be done.

A month or so ago, I invested in new Larson storms for this upstairs bedroom. They are SO nice! 100% better than the other pieces-o’-garbage that were on there before.