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Another weekend has come and gone and along with it the cool weather. (sigh) I finally managed to hammer out the north side of the house. It was such a train wreck before with the patchwork of paint, primer, bare wood, old paint, etc. I had removed the old storm on the dining room French doors earlier to work on the sill. On Saturday, I gave it a good cleaning; a fresh coat of paint; and a new, non-aluminum screen. Gads! it looks so much better now. With it open, the cats were in heaven…

I also was able to secure a 32-foot fiberglass ladder from the neighbor to get the gable work completed. As of this morning, I had primed a little over a quarter of the gable and put on some initial trim color that could be reached using the ladder. I’m sure the neighborhood will finally breathe a sigh of relief after having looked at this eyesore for so long. My goal is to have the gable done by the end of this coming weekend.

Along the way, I replaced the downspout on the west side, no photo though. It looks 100% better. All that remains for this portion of the house-proper is the gable, the soffit from the east window south, cutting in the body color around the upper windows, and the downspout for the east side. I’m so close, I can taste it.