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Well, all but, anyway. There are only a handful of little touch-up things to do and the north side of the house will be done. I finally got positive feedback from the next door neighbor. It’s about time…

I started scraping the big gable on the front of the house this morning. Initially, I was overwhelmed by it, but once I got up on the porch roof and evaluated it with an open mind, it was no big deal. I’ve used this phrase before but the front gable suffers from the ravages of deferred maintenance. That’s both good and bad. Good, in that the paint comes off very easily. Bad, because some elements have been damaged as a result. (shrug) I’m a bad house owner, I guess. The weather will be much cooler again this week, so I’m hoping to make decent progress over the next several evenings. If I should be lucky enough to get this done in the next week or so, very little remains of my paint-the-house project. Well, I guess the front porch isn’t done yet. That will take some effort as well considering that there still remains some amount of repair work to be done. (sigh)

I’ll be glad to be able to say I’m done considering I’ve been at this for 15 months or so now.