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Once again, I’ve fallen behind. 2014 must be the year of the Lazy Bum. The next major phase in my painting project is the porch. It, however, has needed a number of repairs that I felt were necessary to finish before moving on to painting. Over the last several weeks, I have been working diligently to get it ready. I’ve replaced soffits, fascia, and replaced mouldings.

The fascia on the porch was/has been suffering badly from dry rot. I actually replaced a large portion of it on the southern section of the curve and the associated soffit early this year, but I never documented any of it. This section has a 3/4 fasica with a shingle mould. This was necessary because someone doubled up the fascia on this section sometime in the past. Without the shingle mould, the flashing would have looked stupid hanging out so far away from the fascia. Unfortunately, they didn’t double it up anywhere else, so there was no room for any shingle mould anywhere else on the fascia. (shrug)

The remainder of the curve also needed replacing, mostly because it was a cobbled repair with plywood from about 25 years ago after a large tree limb smashed into it. To make a long story short, after that repair was finished, it was necessary to essentially laminate a new soffit onto the existing for the remainder of the porch. Finally, I finished the new bed moulding trim today. As far as I’m concerned, the exterior of the porch is ready for paint. All that remains is to replace more of the crappy 1x1s they used as moulding on the interior with a shingle moulding profile. Then it’s painting time.

Kudos to my wife for helping me with this portion of the project. BTW, she’s afraid of ladders, but she shinnied up there (albeit slowly) like a trooper. I couldn’t have handled these twelve foot pieces without her. 

All of the fascia and bed moulding are made of PVC. The fascia will never rot and both it and the bed moulding are flexible for the curved section of the porch. Kill two birds with one stone, as they say. The soffits were repaired/replaced with solid 3/4 stock.

The pictures make it all too clear that the entire upper section of the porch needs to be replaced as I did earlier with the floor substructure. But that ain’t happenin’ anytime soon, so it remains as it is, waviness and all. Perhaps that’s the charm of an old house… It is if I say so!… 🙂