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I’ve been just plain lazy…

Knowing that the number of nice days remaining this year is rapidly (precipitously) dwindling, I finally motivated my prodigious hiney out of my chair and back to work on the house. Most of the porch repairs have been completed, but a handful yet remained (and frankly, still do even after this weekend). But I was able to remove all of the 1x2s and replace most of then with shingle moulding.

Some years back, a large limb fell on the corner of the porch and did it in. To the PO’s credit, they didn’t just jerk it off, but instead rebuilt it. The repair was only so-so, IMO, so I’ve been left to pick up the pieces, as it were. Since a good chunk of the beadboard ceiling was damaged or destroyed, they covered the whole ceiling with plywood. They didn’t always cut it the right length, so the 1x2s and massive amounts of caulking compound were their solution. I replaced two pieces of the plywood because they were at least an inch short of the new moulding. Truth be told, a couple more should also be replaced, but I’m done with this job for now.

At any rate, I painted the ceiling (it needs another coat, but I don’t have enough). It’s called Refuge and is kind of dark, bluish grey. The photos don’t really do it justice. I asked my wife to select a color in the bluish spectrum as a nod to the original blue ceiling color, one that would compliment the current color palette. This makes color number four for the house.  I like it as it masks a lot of the ceiling’s imperfections.

And as a side note, I have lilacs blooming and a lone iris blossom today. Talk about messed up weather!!!!