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…even though others are not complete yet. Story of my life…

I’ve committed to doing away with all the ’60s crud in the living room and the ’80s crud in the upstairs bath. I needed to do both at the same time because I planned to remove the old cast iron waste stack. It took a level-full 13 cubic yard dumpster to haul everything away. The stained glass is STILL not done for the new living room window, but I have the new storm. It’s going slower than I had hoped.

Since mid-April, the entire house has been in a perpetual state of upheaval and mess. It’s almost beyond my ability to tolerate. The only thing keeping me going is knowing how nice it will be when it’s done. The plumber came today to start ripping everything out. So that’s a step in the right direction.

The only truly noteworthy find was a Shrine Mason’s medal (??) that fell out of the bathroom ceiling. It has Egyptian motifs on both sides. That shrine still exists in Rochester, at least according to Google. Too bad I have no clue what it is or signifies.