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The rockers came and went today leaving behind their prerequisite fine coating of dust all over everything. It was bound to happen, so it comes as no surprise. I’m the world’s worst critic when it comes to this kind of stuff, but I wasn’t 100% impressed with their technique. But I didn’t have to do it and if the mudders have a problem with their work, they can take it up with them and not me. Speaking of which, the mudders are scheduled for tomorrow.

I need to cover up those I-beams so to try and make the space look at least moderately coherent, I will be adding oak beams to the ceiling The 1×3 cleats in the photos are for the 2x4s to which I will attach the new beams.

It’s amazing how suddenly these spaces actually start to look like rooms again with a little wallboard up.

I’m mulling around a stencil idea for the living room ceiling. As if the tasks yet ahead weren’t complicated enough…