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Time to catch up. The living room and bathroom are painted and outlets and switches installed. Lots more work to do to trim it out. The trim in the living room will all be quarter-sawn oak. I bought some new and will be recycling some old as well. When I went to grad school, the university went through the process of replacing all the doors in the main administration building with “fire-proof” doors. Apparently the old ones weren’t up to code. The real shame was that the old ones were all 8-foot tall, 2-inch thick, quartered white oak with solid raised panels. I bought three of them at the time and they’ve been in storage ever since. I decided now was the time to put them into service. They will become part of the new beamed ceiling.

At first, I was going to strip them, but then reconsidered and ran them through my planer. Although the rails and stiles were veneered, the veneer is at least 1/8th of an inch thick. It worked beautifully and was so much faster. Not to mention that they are now raw wood and should take the stain and finish like all the rest. Even after I split them in half, they will be about an inch thick. I wonder how old the trees were that were made into these doors 110 years ago?

The living room paint is not what was originally planned. My wife insisted that she wanted red, so the lowest portion was made red. It looked like a crime scene. My daughter’s first reaction was, “It looks like someone painted the walls with blood!” It took my wife two days to finally decide it had to go. This works so much better. It’s brown, but it’s not red!

This morning, I stripped the bathroom window and sash front and back. About four or five layers of paint are now gone. The primer and top coat have been applied to the exterior. Next I will dig out what remains of the paint on the interior, stain, and finish them.

I’m tired already and I’ve just barely started…

And the bathroom tile is scheduled for Tuesday. I’m as happy as a tornado in a trailer park!