After five weeks and about a dozen calls, the folks who tiled the bathroom floor finally decided that the install was unacceptable and that the entire floor needed to be replaced. I’m not sure if they were tired of me calling looking for an answer or if they honestly believed that it was that bad.

I went to the store within the first three days after the install to make my case that this wasn’t good. The person at the service counter was horrified by what he saw. “We need to send out an inspector.”


When the inspector arrives, he tells me that he is only there to take pictures, not to form an opinion. Okay….

“Someone will call within a week to 10 days.”

Two weeks later, I start calling.

After a week and a half of putting me off, they tried to pin it all on the sales person because they didn’t warn me that dark grout would show all the imperfections. I agreed that would definitely be a concern but that this was beyond just some tiles that were off a bit. “We’d like to offer you a $350 discount.”

“Ummm… That doesn’t address my problem now, does it?”

“We’ll call you back and let you know.” No call ever returned.

A few days later, I called them back. “Hey, what’s up with your decision?”

“We’ll call you back and let you know.”

Rinse, lather, repeat…

I called today about 10:30. “As soon as a manager is free, they will call you.”

“Will they?”

“Oh, yes.”


3:30 rolls around and someone calls. Where’s my AED? “We’ve decided to replace the floor.”

Great… Oh, wait. They have to order the tile, which takes about two to three weeks. And then they have to schedule an install which, if like last time, was a month out. Oh, and don’t forget two major holidays in between. I suspect that it will be January or February before I see anyone. If I wasn’t so happy about that mess getting fixed, I’d be angry.

Decide for yourselves… Does this look bad just because I chose dark grout? Grrrrrrr…..

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