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A couple weeks ago, the new tile guy ripped out the first flooring attempt and replaced it. He did a much better job. There are a couple of imperfections, but nothing like what it was before, so I’ll just keep my mouth shut. Once he got the tile up, he told me that the Durock had screws every seven inches along the edges; they are required to have them every two inches. He said he would have probably had to replace it again next year anyway after it cracked and broke up on its own. Now I wonder what shortcuts were taken on the shower… Time will tell, I guess.

The plumber is just now finishing up in the basement. The new bathroom is functional, but I have yet to seal the grout on the shower, so no showers in there for the time being. Baby steps…

Now to finishing trimming the room, hanging fixtures, and sealing grout. With any luck, by next week we’ll be fully moved in.