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The last of the large, original maple trees bit the dust a few weeks ago. It made me sick to pay someone to remove all of my wonderful shade, but at some point unbeknownst to me, I turned the corner into old-man-hood–constantly fretting about the thing falling on the house. There was one limb that had broken off years ago and the remnant was rotten. When we’d get a soaking rain, large pieces of it would come down. It was really time for it all to go.

The tree folks worked on it for about 12 hours over two days. Kaching! They dropped the trunk in the yard and shook the whole house. I wondered at the time if the USGS registered it somewhere…

They tried cutting the trunk into three pieces but eventually gave up on the last cut because they couldn’t get through it. They kind of “walked” it out with the crane. They’d move it a few feet, set it down, shorten the arm of the crane, move it a few feet, set it down, etc. The whole removal process provided entertainment for the neighborhood. Perhaps I should have sold tickets to cover the costs?

My squirrels are still looking for a new condo with reasonable rent, if anyone has one available…