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FINALLY!! I’ve been putting this off for a whole host of reasons. A couple weekends ago I decided it was time to stop procrastinating and move forward with this aspect of the painting project. This old summer kitchen turned Model-T garage and now spider/bee/cat haven is not in the greatest shape and it looked terrible to boot. When they poured the driveway, they poured the concrete right up to the siding. That coupled with the fact that the 4×6 plate was sitting on two layers of bricks caused most of the front structure to be less than perfect after all these years.

The PO had patched to the best of their abilities, but even the patch was failing. Although my solution was not a “fix” to the problem (real footings with a new plate), I at least bought myself some time in order to determine how to fix long-term. I jacked up both sides of the door opening and replaced all the damaged structure that was easily accessible. Finally, I sided it with salvaged cedar.

After two weekends of priming and painting, it’s done. In the last photo, one can kind of see how the siding continues on into the lean-to. The next stage of the project is to clean that up and paint it. It looks horrible now that the rest is done. This is definitely the crappiest part of the whole house but I don’t have the cash to upgrade it or the driveway. (sigh)