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The stained glass window in the parlor, although not original to the house, was here when we moved in. It’s not been the in the happiest of moods but I’ve grown more concerned about its deteriorated condition–mostly that the bevels might be damaged in some way and they would be expensive to replace. Several of the pieces were cracked and I didn’t want any more to suffer the same fate. Last weekend the weather was really nice so I took out the window and tore it apart.

Tiffany it is not, but it’s still old. The lead was what I would call “rotten”. I could grab it with a pliers and it would just pull away from the heart of the came and expose the glass and cement. In fact, I was able to remove all of the glass with the exception of the bevels without cutting through any of the lead.

The window itself was originally larger than the frame, so they cut nearly all of the lead from around the perimeter to fit. I think the movement of the frame over the years was simply to much for the window to stand, coupled with how deteriorated the lead and cement had become.

I have completed cleaning up all of the pieces, repairing ten, and replacing nine others. The glass was cut and grozed in its entirety leaving jagged edges. I’ll hit a handful of the worst with the grinder, but I think I’ll try and leave it be in deference to the person that originally built it.

Leading it all together again should start soon.