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Over a decade ago, I made storms for two oval windows out of 5/4 treated pine. Over the years, I’ve had to repair them a couple of times because the frames would split. I noticed this year was no different even going so far as to break the glass. It was then it occurred to me that they needed rebuilding from the ground up.

I opted this time to try cedar in the hope that it is more dimensionally stable. Also, when I built the originals, all the glue joints with no biscuits/splines/etc ran vertically–easier to glue up. This time, I’m trying four pieces using double-biscuit joints. Crossing my fingers that this will work better.

Each frame was custom fit into the opening. The old ones “fit like a saddle on a sow”, as my family always says about things like that. I was able to get them built and installed in two days. They are not perfect by any stretch of imagination, but…

Now to wait for the judges’ scores insofar as endurance is concerned.