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Life… Time… Money… Motivation… All valid excuses that have no bearing on the present.

The last child is about to stretch her wings into adulthood by graduating from high school. With the reception looming in the near future, it seemed prudent that the dusty, crusty I-beams in the living room needed to be covered at long last. A couple weekends ago, I finally got started by putting a “frieze” of quartered oak boards around the perimeter of the room.

This past Friday, I got the caps and moulding added to the two windows. They’ve looked bare and forlorn for so long now. The space above the windows was very tight–right at six inches. The caps were installed using finish screws. As I was backing out one of them over the large, cottage window, the drill got away from me and punched a hole in the ceiling. No huge deal, but just another setback in the timeline.

And finally, the interior beams are now ready to be cut to length and assembled. They will be tongue-and-groove joint boxes and attached to the ceiling in two different ways. More to come on that…