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Over the last three days, it’s been my mission in life to complete building the beams and installing them in the living room. The final verdict? — Done. The journey? Abysmal! If I had had a crew of four or five able-bodied hands, it would have turned out much better than it ultimately did. That being said, it’s passable by most standards and so I’ll let it go.

The general construction was a three-sided, tongue-and-groove box stabilized a bit by adding glue blocks. The large boxes that covered the I-beams had a pine 1x cut to a 45 degree angle attached to the top. (photo #2) Screws were then used through the pine into the ceiling. This was effectively the only way to attach it since it couldn’t be attached to the beam itself. The perpendicular boxes were nailed to a 2x that was bolted to the ceiling. (photo #3) The trim is bed moulding which will be supported by the pine piece.

The triangle-shaped section over the fireplace had a really tricky angle, but with a jig and a couple test cuts, I was able to get it pretty darn close. (photo #7)

The refurbished, vintage light (with modern glass) really adds to the room. My sincere thanks goes out to Seth for graciously supplying it.

Hopefully, trimming can be done on Saturday…